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Swedes Prefer Unlicensed Casinos - Here are the Reasons why

In Sweden, there are a lot of players who have an interest in gambling. Nowadays, Swedes have started preferring unlicensed casinos over licensed ones. There are very popular reasons behind this selection. Take a look at this change in the gambling industry, and then choose your casino.

Reasons behind the preference for unlicensed gambling sites

In Sweden, gambling for real money is legal, but the government has placed a set of rules for all the casinos that operate in the country. These rules control and restrict the gameplay and experience of all the gamblers that they don’t like. The very top reason to shift towards foreign casinos is to have freedom while betting. Here are some other significant reasons that show why Swedes play at these best new casinos.

Gaming Library

Bonuses and offers that you will find at the casinos that are unlicensed are very much different in comparison to the licensed ones. As per the Swedish Gaming Authority, the sites should only have games that well-known developers provide. Here the options to play are very limited, and all the licensed sites have similar games from only a few developers. Gamblers who have a high interest in the games need a variety of options to try their luck.

In foreign casinos, there are various options for even a single game. For example, Blackjack is available in different versions, such as European blackjack and Spanish Blackjack. Another benefit is that in sports betting, players can make bets on games that are international and happen outside Sweden.

Spelpaus– National self-exclusion program

Spelpaus is a self-exclusion tool that is present in all the licensed casinos of Sweden. Players set up their own limitations to keep a restriction on their gameplay. Gamblers can block themselves for a month, three months, six months and for one year. Spelpaus is different from the self-exclusion program of unlicensed casinos. In Spelpaus, if a player gets blocked from any one website, then automatically, he gets blocked from all those casinos that has Spelpaus program.

As per Kasinoutansvensklicens.com, all the licensed casinos of Sweden have to offer this feature. At unlicensed casinos, the best thing is that the player can restrict himself from one casino he wants to. There is no external pressure or barrier to the gameplay. All foreign casinos have the option of responsible gaming. Players set the limit of the maximum amount that they want to spend in a specific period, such as one week, one month, etc. There is also an option where players can add in the total loss, they can face in one month. Once the limit is reached, then the casino website does not allow the player to play further.

The difference is that at unlicensed casinos, player gets blocked from only one casino. If they want to play then they have the option to choose other gambling sites. Gamblers do not prefer to get blocked from all the sites; therefore, they opt for unlicensed platforms.

Tax winnings

When it comes to the tax winnings, it entirely depends on the casino that the individual chooses. Casinos that have the license within EU and offer the games without game break do not have any kind of taxes attached to it. Those casinos where the license is outside EU, then the players have to pay 30% taxes on all the winnings. Try to choose those casinos that have license within EU so you do not have to worry about the taxes.

Weekly deposit limit

As per the Swedish Gambling Authority, all the players have a weekly deposit limit of SEK 5,000. Even though there are huge bets available, a player can only deposit 5000 SEK in one week. A lot of gamblers often face problems with licensed casinos because of this limitation. With foreign best new casinos, there is no restriction. Players can deposit as much as they want and can bet with as much money as they like and however, they like.

Professional players also prefer to make huge deposits at one time and then keep playing at the casino for a long time. They do not like the idea of making deposits and waiting for the transaction every time they want to play.


A lot of gamblers want to keep their identity confidential while they play at casinos. All the licensed ones keep track of the money an individual is spending, and that data is used to restrict the gaming of that person by the government. Unlicensed casinos offer the players to add in their names and their banking details only. Once it is done, then there is no track of the data. Players have their gambling in their own hands to use it however they want. Even though it is legal to gamble, players still prefer to keep it anonymous from their social life.

Registration in the casino

Registration at licensed casinos only require BankID of the individual. It only takes two minutes to get registered on licensed casinos. As for the unlicensed casinos there are different options. If the casino has a Pay n Play option, which is rare; then the players can easily register in two minutes with a quick process. In case the option of Pay n Play is not present then the players have to follow the complete process of registration. Even though this registration takes more time, but players prefer it as they get huge bonuses after registration.

3-second rule

As per the Swedish Gambling Act policy, all casinos with Swedish licenses make the players wait for 3 seconds before each spin. This confirms that the gambler is not playing at any other casino at the same time. Most of the players often get more than 10 free spins in the welcome bonus, and they must waste a lot of time because of the 3-second rule.

Convenient payment options

Gamblers looking for the known option while making casino deposits and withdrawals. Most casinos now have the basic transaction options that include bank transfer, VISA, or MasterCard, Skrill, Zimpler and Trustly, etc.

All Swedes prefer making payments with the option which is feasible and quick.Casinos with fast payment is a big favorite in Sweden. Also, in many payment methods, players must pay some charges. Most of the options at licensed casinos are the ones where every transaction gets some deductions as the payment fees.

Safe and secure platform

The only thing that the players are concerned about unlicensed platforms is the safety of the platform. The other concern is about having fair gameplay. It is a wrong assumption that casinos with a foreign license are not safe. The only difference among these casinos is that unlicensed do not follow the restrictions provided by Swedish Gambling Authority. In terms of safety, security, and gameplay, everything is similar.

Most of the sites that Swedes term as unlicensed is the ones that hold foreign licenses from a well-known authority. For example, the license of Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, and Curacao eGaming Authority. Outside of Sweden, these are the most popular and best platforms that are treated unlicensed in Sweden.

How to choose the unlicensed casino

Sweden players often face difficulty in selecting the best-unlicensed casino. The reason is that most of these casinos' options are similar, making selection more complicated. To ease the hunt, here are a few facts that you need to consider while choosing the platform:

• Look for the license that it holds and check the authenticity of it
• Take a look at the promotions as well as the eligibility for a bonus
• Understand the minimum and maximum limits of deposits and withdrawals
• Find the payment options that are available and feasible for you
• Look at the welcome bonus and wagering requirements
• Find the gaming options that you like the most

A quick look at the facts behind the popularity of unlicensed casinos

In Sweden, every casino that does not hold a Swedish license is considered a foreign or unlicensed casino. Swedish players have the opinion that they like to play at these casinos because of their freedom. The reason behind this is there are high bonuses and rewards systems along with a safe and secure platform. To select these casinos, it is important to first take a look at all the options. Prefer to get complete details over every aspect before you plan on making a deposit on that site.